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Detroit Dream Girls Female Strippers

Detroit Dream Girls Entertainment (keyword Detroit Strippers) is a privately owed company located in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Detroit Dream Girls started out as a strip-o-gram company and evolved into an entertainment agency. Offering services like male and female strippers, exotic dancers, go go dancers, pole dancers, hosts, hostesses, barmaids, bartenders and of course strip-o-grams. The company has been owned by the same owner since 1990. He brought corporate structure and added a level of respectable professionalism to an industry that was lacking it. He Trademark marked the name Detroit Dream Girls, incorporated and obtained a business license to do business in the city of Lathrup Village. Detroit Dream Girls was the first of it’s kind to advertise on TV, radio, the yellow page and have a corporate office. Our offices were mainly used as a showcase where costumers viewed photo albums of the talent and reserved their bachelor and bachelorette party entertainment. Over the years Detroit Dream Girls has kept up with technological advances and is still the most cutting edge company in the adult party entertainment arena. So rest assured to receive the best service from costumer care to quality entertainment. Detroit finest strippers, female strippers, male strippers, exotic dancers, go go dancers, pole dancers, available in Detroit. We pride ourselves in providing the same high standards from downriver to the northern suburbs of Detroit, quality beyond compare is our motto. You want the finest and hottest Dancers in the business? You Found Us! Detroit Dream Girls, Where “Image is Everything” Don’t Settle for Anything Less!

[break][break] Detroit Dream Girls® History
Detroit Dream Girls Female Strippers

Detroit Dream Girls, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1990 in the state of Michigan. The company opened it’s first office in Southfield, Oakland County Michigan. The first day Detroit Dream Girls opened it’s doors our grand opening slogan was “Give the Gift that Unwraps Itself!” and it’s still in use today. We started as a provider of Live Entertainment in the form of a Strip-O-Gram in Detroit… Starting with the “basic” strip-o-gram format and by continually creating new concepts and creating new demand has made Detroit Dream Girls a one of a kind. In addition, EI has opened up new lines of services. Like strippers, duos, trios, foursomes, exotic dancers, hospitality crews, and Comic Strips Which is a type of entertainment that is milder and“family friendly” form of entertainment. Some of our most recent endeavors is the launch of “I candy” and “and Wam Bam Strip-O-Grams”, so try one. at your next bash.

[break][break] Detroit Dream Girls® Mission
Detroit Dream Girls Female Strippers

Our main mission Is to take this industry out of the hands of strippers, escorts, fly by nights, and thugs and put in the hands of professionals. To remain very transparent about our services and what’s included in our shows. Our price list spells it out in black and white with no deception at all. We’ve always been picky about who we hire. We will maintain those standards and always hire. screen, train and contract the hottest Male dancers and finest Female strippers, Exotic Dancers, Entertainers and Performers in Detroit. Who represents us can break or make our reputation We set the standard when it comes hiring our strippers, hosts, hostesses, models and we have no plans to modify our standards. Need a Detroit Male Exotic Dancer or Detroit Female Strippers You Found Us, Don’t Settle for Any Less Then the Best!

[break][break] Detroit Dream Girls® Brands
Detroit Dream Girls Female Strippers

Our brands represent what Detroit Dream Girls stands for, quality, service and complete professionalism that is unparalleled in this industry. Our brand awareness for all of our most popular services like the Ei Dream Girls, the Ei Girlie Girls, the Incredible Hunks of Men In Motion, the Party Appeteasers, The i Candy Delights, the Wam Bam Strip-O-Grams and The Comic Strip are all part of the Detroit Dream Girls Family. All of our brands represent quality you can rely and depend on. For bachelor parties we have the Dream Girls the Wild Girlie Girls, Duos, Trios, and Foursomes. The Party Appeteasers, Barmaids and the i Candy Delights. For bachelorette parties our Men in Motion will rock her world, not to mention our Party Appeteasers and Bartenders. For the conservatives ones we offer our non-stripping exotic dancers like i Candy Delights which includes our go-go dancers, cage dancers, belly dancers, and pole dancers. If you want to add a little a hospitality and liven up any party scene, our Party Appeteasers are perfect for the job. Our gorgeous hostesses, barmaids, bartenders and house dealers are second to none. Finally for our more family-friendly parties we have our Famous Comical Acts and the Wam Bam Strip-O-Gram for all those who enjoy a good prank or want to kick back and laugh; Fat Freddy, Brutal Betty, and Le Nerd will have you on the floor. So next time you’re planning a party check out our customized Detroit Dream Girls Brands for all of your entertainment needs in Metro-Detroit.

[break][break] Detroit Dream Girls® Today
Detroit Dream Girls Female Strippers

Detroit Dream Girls Inc. has with stood the test of time, we’ve gone through several recessions, endless wars and the great recession and we’re still standing. Our strength comes from our devoted dedication to upholding the utmost standards in hiring, customer service and professionalism. Our loyal customers have always been there for us when times are good or bad. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment arena we have dominated and revolutionized this industry to better serve our clients. No other company local or nationwide has been as successful and as long standing as Detroit Dream Girls. Detroit Dream Girls has gone through a complete makeover to stay ahead of the times, but the quality and professional entertainment we provide will always remain consistent. We’ll continue to expand our services to meet customer demands and advance as new technologies are born. The difference between us and them is we set the standard and raise the bar in the stripping entertainment industry. Detroit Dream Girls is bigger, better and more efficient today and will continue to be the leader in this industry. We will call out those who to try to tarnish this industry today and for years to come. Now go book a stripper and have the time of your life.


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